Removing clothing (ink) security tags (without ruining the cloth)

Before I begin, YES this is not hacking, with the cyber-security definition, but its definitely  fun :)

And no this is neither a method for stealing clothes, since 1. it is considered illegal 2. the fumes would probably trigger the fire alarm 3. someone could smell this and turn you in.

So, I don’t know about you, but it happened to me. Bought a nice trouser, returned back home and DAMN they forgot to remove the security tag! No idea by the way why it didn’t trigger the alarm. Anyway, I was too bored to go back and remove it, so I started searching for ways to remove it. This is how I managed to do it!

Tools: a lighter and something sharp (knife,key,etc.)


We start be going somewhere outside, or with enough air ventilation. Then we start to burn the security tag by targeting its center, where the “Warning, blah” is. At the same time we start removing the melted plastic with our sharp thing. After a while the situation should look as follows:


This metal thing is our target now. We continue burning this metal thing’s perimeter and remove plastic with our knife. After a while the metal thing will pop out along with some springs and small metal balls. At this point, we are done. The security tag is now unlocked and can be easily removed!


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