Back to reality: asking random people about feminism


The idea is simple, ask 250 random people from a chatting website their opinion of feminism. In particular, the question was “What do you think of feminism?”.

We ask the question and leave two random strangers to discuss about it (without any possibility of intervention from our side).

The results are of course overwhelmingly bad:

  • In 49 discussions the two strangers happily agreed about how much they hate feminism
  • In 45 discussions one of the persons kept attacking feminism (the other one either disconnected, or went into defense/attack mode)
  • In 13 discussions no real answer came out of the question (people didn’t know what feminism is, couldn’t answer the question, or disconnected when they realized that they were both males)
  • In 9 discussions the two persons agreed that feminism is something nice (yay)

Bonus unexpected(?) answers included (too) many islamophobic reactions and of course an anti-Semitic delirium/conspiracy theory:


This is of course not really a statistical way to make conclusions about the society we are living in.

The sample was 250 from around 20,000 to 35,000 (i.e., the constantly changing number of people who were online in the website) during different times of the same day.

TRIGGER WARNING: before checking the post, be aware that the dialogs in the pictures bellow are full of extremely sexist/racist/homophobic/etc. comments.

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