Viewing hacking issues with a pro-feminist(/antinationalist) focus.


The gitm abbreviation comes from the (in)famous mitm (man-in-the-middle) class of attacks.


  • I am really tired of all these sexist/homophobic jokes/whatever in general, and specifically in my work environment, i.e., computer science/cyber-security area.
  • If you have a look on hacking forums, you will see a vast majority of men trying to find out how they can hack their girlfriends’ email/facebook acount/etc. Actually, gender seems to even influence the botnet prices nowadays! This means that there are “perverts” (I say men) that are willing to pay for hacked machines of women in order to spy their webcams (check this or this). Therefore, buying a bot, i.e., a hacked machine, is cheaper when the owner is male!
  • Geek is not a synonym for male (btw check).
  • Hacking is fun. Patriarchy is not.
  • For all the reasons in the world: I could keep adding reasons here, but I don’t see why.



  1. The contents of this website are not intended for any kind of illegal activity. Actually, most of the content here will be on the defensive side of cyber-security: trying to make the life of the “bad guys” difficult. Any offensive techniques are given in terms of raising the security awareness and of understanding the capabilities of a malicious individual .
  2. While I do have knowledge about the things I write, along with some degrees and working experience, I am not any kind of guru/blackhat ninja/whatever. Therefore, if you find something misleading/incomplete/whatever drop me an email :)
  3. This is not a political/gender-related group. For now, it’s just me writing out stuff. However, I do seek collaborations, so again drop me an email if interested.
  4. I am a white, cisgendered, straight, able-bodied, male (with an EU passport). I believe that I try to understand my privileges and I like the motto “we are what we do to change who we are”. However, keep in mind the aforementioned privileges when reading my texts. Furthermore, English is not my native language and I am also not really experienced in writing gender-related/political stuff in English. So, if I use any kind of words/phrases you find somehow offensive let me know.

Contact/Info/Suggestions/Requests: gitmattack@gmail.com